From the recording WE DO WHAT MEN DO

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Sometimes we lose, sometimes we win
Always we choose to get up again

We do the hard things, we do the strong things
When it's tough to stay in it, we do the long things
We fight when we need to, it's right and we bleed too

We hope and we dream and we cry and we scream and
We run and we score and we do it once more

We do what men do, We do what men do

Sometimes we're wrong, sometimes we're right
Always we're strong, always we fight

We hold our women safe and secure,
We keep our families healthy and sure
We face the hard times, Cherish the good times

We take our stands and we make demands and
We hold our babies with our big old huge hands

We do what men do, We do what men do

We have the whole entire world
upon our broad shoulders
We wish all men on earth were as we are,
nobler and bolder
We wish all men could see eye to eye,
And that no man would hurt, steal or lie
Some men I cannot defend
Some men are not real men
And I don't know why
I don’t know why

Sometimes it's hard, sometimes we're wise, but we
Always go far, it's always our best try

We do the hard things, we do the right things
See it through to the end and do right by our good friends
We build and we tear down,
We work and we wear down, and
When we turn inside us, we’re glad you’re beside us

We do what men do, We do what men do