This is actually a sweet lullaby for small children, a kids song to help them to be unafraid of things they don't understand




Thunder and lightning can be very frightening
Unless you know who they are
Up in the sky is a family of clouds
And sometimes the children just get too loud

Lightning is a little girl afraid of the night
She wants to turn on the light
And thunder’s her brother, he thinks he's tougher
And sometimes they play with each other

They're very big, but they're just little kids
And sometimes kids squirm, just like a worm
They fidget, they fudget, they fight
And the clouds are like that tonight

So say “hush you big cloud, don't be so loud
And please, can you turn off that light
‘Cause I'm trying to sleep and my covers are deep
So you, settle down for the night

Hush, you big cloud, don't be so loud
Hush, you big cloud, don't be so loud

Butterflies have to sleep too!
But the fireflies keep the darkness away,
so we are never afraid.
Did you ever want to fly like we do?
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I was just dreaming about the
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in all the world!  Her name is
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