This kids song features an elephant rapping about always being the victim of elephant jokes. 
The jokes it is based on are seen in the video.
See how many you can count! 
( There are 24 jokes in there )



Peanut butter sticks to the roof of your mouth, but I don't
You can get down off the back of a duck but I won't
I'd like to hitchhike or ride a bike
But I'm not dumb, I have no thumb,
To ring the bell so oh well
I'm afraid of a mouse
And when I sit around the house....
I sit around the house
What time is it? Time to get a new house!

I try out smartin' these kids from kindergarten
With binoculars, tweezers and milk cartons
I paint my toes red to hide in the cherries
Away from kids like them Wild Thornberries
I paint my feet yellow to hide in the custard
They look in the mustard and get all flustered
They check the bananas, the plums and the grapes
But my footprints in the butter give me away
My friends all chide me for the color of my sneakers
When I stamp out flaming ducks, hey that one's a squeaker
What time is it? Time to get a new duck!

I hide in the glove box and think its super
When my friends take a ride in a Mini Cooper
We used to charge through stores and backyards
Till someone took away my credit cards
I'm sick of living life in the jokes I'm in
I want to start over and begin again
On the chicken's day off I want to cross the road
I want to trade places with the kissing toad
Walk into a bar with a rabbi and priest
I know that they would expect that least
Got some soup? I want to do the backstroke
What time is it? Time to get some new jokes!

Hey grasshopper! Outta my way!
Hey duck! Outta my way!
Hey ant! Yeah, ant! Outta my way!




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