The Pranksters and The Pirate

A kids song will be a kids song, and a pirate song will be a pirate song
but now
they are the same great song!



Hey mister, that's a really big boat
Hey mister, how does that float
Hey mister, that's a really nice ship
Hey mister, can you take us on a trip

Well ahoy ye maties, I''ve no time fer ye laddies
I'm an ornery pirate, go on home to yer daddies
I got me a cargo of Spanish doubloon
And I got to get going before the typhoon, so move along now....

Hey mister, turn your head for a minute
That gives us time to climb on in it
You’ll squirl like a girl at the morning tide
‘Cause we opened your sails and stuck snails inside!
We taught your parrot new things to be said
So one day he'll call you a noodle head
We put glue on his feet so when he lands on your shoulder
He won't fly away until he's much older

Where are those pesky, varminty kids?
I can't believe all the things they did
Down in the hold they hid some cheese
And days at sea the smell would knock me to my knees
On me eye patch they put itching powder
And they poured sea water in me clam chowder
My parrot used to say "Pieces of Eight"
But now when he talks I can't get a date
All he says is....
(Noodle head, Noodle head!)

AARGH! Come back here you little monsters
I'll take you for a ride now, you little beggars


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