(The following is a transcript from the radio interview. Hopefully we will soon have the audio version up soon, so you can read along as you hear the interview)

Pete: Hello! Good Morning! This is Pete Foggybottom for the What’s Happenin’ Now news, and today my special guest in the studio is none other than the amazing drum player, Skitch Chup-Chup, from the hit group The Kazooks! Skitch, it is great to have you with us today.

Skitch: Beedle eedle poop a doop!

P: Okay….Is that like a rabbit hello?

S: Hello hell-ow ba-dow ma maw maw maw! Skittly diddly iscious!

P: Okay…So Skitch, how long have you been playing the drums?

S: I’m not playing the drums, I’m talking to you

P: I mean, how long ago in your life did you start playing? Did you take lessons or just start drumming on your own?

S: Oh, we rabbits are natural born drummers. All of us. It’s in the feet. Did you ever see the movie “Bambi”? Remember “Thumper”? Man, that dude could get a beat going. But we all have that to some degree. And rabbits…Man, we don’t Take Drum Lessons…we give Drum Lessons.

P: So are there any other musicians in your family?

S: EVERYONE in my family is a musician, and most of them are drummers, or percussionists. You know the difference is a drummer usually sits behind a set of drums, but a percussionist bangs on anything, timbales, cybals, shakers, cajons, you name it.

P: Bongos?

S: No, we draw the line at bongos. They are completely beneath us. That’s like tapping on a table top. No, we leave the beedle ee doop a doop bongos to the chimpanzees and their kind.

P: You don’t like chimpanzees.

S: I’m sure there is a reason chimpanzees exist, but I haven’t figured it out yet. But they love their bongos. Just sit there and beat on them with no rythym, yelling “eee, eee” and flailing their arms….I don’t get it, what’s that abeedley beedle about? Its like they’re a different species or something.

P: Well, they are a different species.

S: Explains that. You know, and not many people know this, chimpanzees and rabbits used to be very close, but nowadays we don’t even live on the same continent. Everytime we see one of those chimps going “eee – eee” we just stare for awhile and then go try to find something to nibble on.

P: Well, if I’m being honest with you, that’s all I’ve ever really seen any rabbit do, is stare for awhile and then go nibble on something.

S: Yeah? Well, probably the rabbits you saw were all thinking about the chimpanzees.

P: Okay, well, enough about that. What can you tell us about your new CD and DVD?

S: I do play all the drums on the CD. I also do a partial vocal on “Beautimous ‘Potamus”, the part where the hippos are supposed to be talking to one another, the “Comma comma chocka chocka wobba wobba” part.

P: Really? I thought Justin sang that whole song.

S: He couldn’t nail that part, and fast talking is what we rabbits are all about. Well, gotta go!

P: Um….he just left. I don’t believe this. He just literally ran away just now. Uh, I guess that’s what rabbits do. Anyway, be sure to check out the kazooks new DVD and CD Kook Kook, available now. Thanks and we’ll see you next time. This is Pete Foggybottom with the What’s Happenin’ Now news.