There are not a lot of kids songs about worms, so we set out to change that!
Here's a great song and video about two worms out to change their world too!




Iggly and squiggly are two little worms
One is quite funny, but the other quite firm
Iggly was the worrier, he was also a hurrier,
And he liked to say “Well, I never”,
But Squiggly was the fun one, and not to be out done
Well Squiggly would just usually say “Whatever!”

The two little worms decided to go on a trip
And to get where they’re going they boarded a small ship
Iggly packed umbrellas for both of the fellas
Just in case of bad weather
Hats and galoshes, raincoats, “my gosh” -es
And Squiggly just rolled his eyes and said “Whatever!”

The voyage was pleasant and the weather was gay
Iggly was looking for something brilliant to say
“I have no wish to be lunch for a fish
Or stepped on by a shoe? Never!
And you have my word I won’t be eaten by a bird”
And Squiggly just looked at him and said “Whatever!”

The boat got soggy and the boys were in trouble
They had to do something quick, on the double
The boat was sinking and Iggy was thinking
“We could escape if we had a lever....
I’ll put my foot here and you push on it over there”
And Squiggly, he just looked at him and said, “Whatever!”

So they jumped off the boat and landed in the street
And who do you think they happened to meet? Iggly said
“The boy’s name is Randy and he thinks we’re candy
So run! You can’t get caught by him ever!
Squiggly! Don’t be a dummy, he thinks we are gummies”
And Squiggly just rolled his eyes and said “Whatever!”

Now you may think that Squiggly had met his demise
But you would be in for an extraordinary surprise
Just then, a chicken walked by, gave Iggly the eye
And snatched him up underneath her feathers
Squiggly looked around, and noticing him gone
Well, Squiggly, he just simply said..., you guessed it, ”Whatever!”



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