Here is where you can get a glimpse into the songwriting process!
I will log on and update my progress over the next few weeks
as I write the future song....


Dec 1, 2012           THE IDEA

I had this idea to make a song from the phrase "Dawn of the Dinosaurs" , which usually refers to the TIME IN HISTORY when dinosaurs were first on the Earth.  But I thought it might be clever to have a girl dinosaur named Dawn, and do a story about  her.  I shall see where this goes.  Now I just write the title down and let it all marinate in my brain.

Dec 10, 2012         THE RHYMES

Sometimes i write the music first, sometimes the lyrics first, sometimes both at the same time.  Sometimes it takes an hour, sometimes it takes several weeks.  I usually work on one song until it is finished, but in the last few months I find i am working on several at a time; a little here and there on each one.

I had some time today to work on taking the initial idea and starting some lyrics.  I started writing down single words that rhyme with the last syllable in dinosaur, the "sore" sound, since i was pretty sure there would be a verse or two where the last word in a line would actually be "dinosaur".  Also, words that rhyme with Dawn or Dawna.  This is the list I started with:

apple cores

i have some preliminary lyrics.  As I was writing, I liked the idea of someone interviewing a dinosaur on a talk show, since a living dinosaur would be quite a novelty.  But could I also teach children a subliminal message?  Why not have the dinosaur try to be there to correct some misconception, like sometimes kids will say mean things about one another... so I decided Dawna would be there to set things straight about Dinosaurs, in a quirky silly way.  The fictitious name (made up name) of the imaginary talk show is Spotlight.  Here are the lyrics so far:

Dawna of the Dinosaurs

Spotlight! You’re in the Spotlight!
Now you can tell us and make things right!
Things that we hear are not always true!
We don’t believe until we hear from you!

Today we have a tale of days of yore
(That means a long time ago, ...or even before)
When the earth was younger and the dinosaur
Was the big dude in town on the forest floor.

My name is Edwin and I’m talking to Dawna
Last known survivor of prehistoric Fauna.
She comes from a long ago time.
And, funny old bird, she speaks only in rhyme.
“I’m not really a bird, I’m a Pterodactyl
Get your facts straight, sonny!” (She said, and I will.)

“So, what was it like to be a dinosaur back then?
Did danger abound? Did disaster portend?
Did you chase each other on your hands and your feet and
Did you always have to worry about getting eaten?”

“Oh, you people imagine we ATE one another?
Puh-lease! How cannibalistic! Posh! Oh brother!
Maybe that’s something thats done by others
Who haven’t been properly trained by their mothers

No we much preferred munching on green apple cores
Pistachios, garbanzos and barbecued s’mores
Restaurants and bistros and grocery stores
Were the usual domain for most dinosaurs

And the way people talk now and their strange names for us
Like Pterodactyl and Velociraptor and Brontosaurus
Well we just knew each other as Hank, Bob and Morris
And Felix and Trudy and Buddy and Doris

Scientists look at old bones and speculate
About the things we did and the food we ate
And how we disappeared with the Tectonic plate
But in truth we took quite a different fate

We loaded up the rocket and headed to Venus
And your telescopes aren’t strong enough to have seen us.

Spotlight! You’re in the Spotlight!
Now you can tell us and make things right!
Things that we hear are not always true!
We don’t believe until we hear from you!

So I will continue on this and update this blog.  Thanks for reading.


Today I revisited the lyrics and noticed I had a couple of lines I had come up with that did not make it into the song yet.  From my word processor program, the lines were:

On next week’s show we’ll be talking to Boris
And don’t forget now to sing out in the chorus!

Well obviously I didn't use these lines because nobody knows who Boris is, I have not introduced him in the song yet.  Because I don't know who he is.  He is only mentioned because that word rhymes with "chorus", and that line only exists from the verse about Morris and Doris and Brontosaurus.  But I do really like the sound of these two particular lines together, and they sound funny, should appeal to kids.  So who could I make Boris become?  All I have is that one word, Boris.

OK, I've used a few animals in my kids songs so far, but there are many others that kids find fascinating.  I have no idea why a starfish came to mind, but that was my initial thought.  Perhaps I thought that a talk show would be interviewing a "star".  Well, a starfish is not a star, and not a fish, either.  So that is a pretty basic idea to build ANOTHER SONG ABOUT.  I googled "is a starfish a fish" and came across an article that stated that a starfish is an "echinoderm".  Now, Echinoderm is a PHENOMENAL word to stick in a kids song.  4 sylables, big word, they've never heard it, its about a starfish, sounds funny, AND RHYMES WITH WORM, GERM and most excitedly, PACHYDERM, which is an elephant!  And, once I say that one word, Echinoderm, I decided I could write another song, about Boris the Starfish.  Maybe he would be on the Spotlight program and correct wrong information about starfish.  So I just make a mental note of that.  I now have 4 songs working on simultaneously. 

Boris the Starfish (this title needs work)
Ukulele Sam - idea about a hard rock musician that plays a ukulele
Mac N Cheesenstein - monster in lunchable form...can't really explain this one
My Dog Barfy - kid imagining him and his dog on many adventures

Ok, sidetrack is over, another half hour gone and I am no further along with my Dawna of the Dinosaurs lyric)

So what can i rhyme with Boris and chorus?  Deplore us?  Floor us? Tour bus?
I came up with:
Thank you Dawna, for correcting that for us
We love you so much and we hope you adore us
Next week we'll talk to a starfish named Boris
And don’t forget now to sing out in the chorus!

So that may change later but its good for now.  I'm content with lyrics as is.  The next thing is to figure out a chord progression for this song.  Click HERE to go to that page, thanks.