JANUARY 2, 2013

I just made this page today and will update soon.

JANUARY 8, 2013
I sat down today to try to figure out the chords to this song.  Initially I have no idea what style trhis will be, reggae, big band, rock, etc. I usually begin by trying out different keys on my Takamine 12 string guitar.  The progression from the 4th, Bb to the 5th, C, in the key of F works well with this, but is a little difficult to play so I use a capo on the third fret and play in the key of G.  I know the purist guitar players out there will start to holler, but i'm ok with that.  Then I just start singing and see what comes up, what style shows up.  Anyway, here are the chords so far:

Dawna of the Dinosaurs

Bb    C           Bb    C
Spotlight! You’re in the Spotlight!
F          Bb          C
Now you can tell us and make things right!
Dm          Am
Things that we hear are not always true!
Gm          Bb          C
We don’t believe until we hear from you!

F          Bb         C
Today we have a tale of days of yore
F          Bb          C
(That means a long time ago, ...or even before)
F          Bb       C
When the earth was younger and the dinosaur
F          Bb        C          Bb       C
Was the big dude in town on the forest floor

F          Bb          C.
My name is Edwin and I’m talking to Dawna
F          Bb        C
Last known survivor of prehistoric Fauna.
She comes from a long ago time.
And, funny old bird, she speaks only in rhyme.
“I’m not really a bird, I’m a Pterodactyl
Get your facts straight, sonny!” (She said, and I will.)

Dm          Gm
“So, what was it like to be a dinosaur back then?
Did danger abound? Did disaster portend?
Did you chase each other on your hands and your feet and
Did you always have to worry about getting eaten?”

“Oh, you people imagine we ATE one another?
Puh-lease! How cannibalistic! Posh! Oh brother!
Maybe that’s something thats done by others
Who haven’t been properly trained by their mothers

No we much preferred munching on green apple cores
Pistachios, garbanzos and barbecued s’mores
Restaurants and bistros and grocery stores
Were the usual domain for most dinosaurs

And the way people talk now and their strange names for us
Like Pterodactyl and Velociraptor and Brontosaurus
Well we just knew each other as Hank, Bob and Morris
And Felix and Trudy and Buddy and Doris

Scientists look at old bones and speculate
About the things we did and the food we ate
And how we disappeared with the Tectonic plate
But in truth we took quite a different fate

We loaded up the rocket and headed to Venus
And your telescopes aren’t strong enough to have seen us.

Thank you Dawna, for correcting that for us
We love you so much and we hope you adore us
Next week we'll talk to a starfish named Boris
And don’t forget now to sing out in the chorus!

Spotlight! You’re in the Spotlight!
Now you can tell us and make things right!
Things that we hear are not always true!
We don’t believe until we hear from you!
Spotlight! You’re in the Spotlight!